Climate Ride


Finished another amazing experience with @ClimateRide. Riding, exploring, and learning through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia. Thank you all for supporting my ride and this awesome organization.

Climate Ride Adriatic

I am super excited to have participated in my fourth Climate Ride, specifically raising funds for this awesome organization, Climate Ride. This group is amazing and inspires me to keep riding and I couldn’t resist this one.   I am proud to support this organization as they support myself and so many others to be challenged to continue the fight for a healthy future.  It is a challenge to ask for money, but the money goes to great efforts, locally and nationally.  I appreciate all the other riders and all my donors for supporting these efforts, as they do make a difference. (See the Ride Report here.)

If you are a fan of better bike infrastructure, please consider donating to my Climate Rides. Your fundraising  support is greatly appreciated.

Keep riding, flying, and believing.

Your bike friend,

~ Nicole



Climate Ride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that organizes life-changing charitable biking and hiking events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes.

Climate Ride creates opportunities for you to engage in a way that is uniquely positive, life-affirming, and transformational. Climate Ride participants take on a challenge much bigger than themselves and share their journey with their personal networks helping to amplify support for the cause. Climate Ride is the only organization taking this approach in the environmental sector.

We are all feeling concerned, anxious, or overwhelmed by climate change. The threats to our world are numerous and growing more complex each day. While so many people care deeply and want to help address the problem, the enormity of the challenge and the political tone around climate change can feel dispiriting and disempowering. Climate Ride offers you a way to make a difference while building new friendships and connections with a global network of outdoor advocates.

Our Impact

  • Charitable Cycling, Hiking & Running Events
  • Inspire: Climate Ride empowers participants to engage in the fight for our planet by completing multi-day cycling, running, and hiking events and fundraising for the organizations they value most.
  • Educate: Participants get the opportunity to meet and learn from remarkable people who work on sustainability, clean energy, climate change solutions, and active transportation. Learn more about our expert speakers.
  • Fund: Climate Ride and its donors generate powerful, unrestricted grants for climate change, the environment, conservation, and bicycle advocacy. See the impact of our grants program.
  • Join Us: Fund raise for a cause you love using the human-powered transportation you love… and come back for more! Year after year, many Climate Ride participants return to explore new routes, raise more funds, and deepen their resolve to change our communities for the better.



“The mode of transportation you choose has a greater effect on the environment
than any other decision you make as a consumer.”
     ~ Union of Concerned Scientists ~