Bike & Scooter Share


Motorized Bicycle and Scooter Sharing

There are several bicycle and scooter sharing companies currently operating in the City of San Diego.

The City has shared applicable rules and regulations and safety guidelines with the bike and scooter sharing companies and is monitoring the operations to ensure the companies and their customers are aware of these rules.

Authorized Shared Mobility Device Operators

A select number of companies are authorized/permitted each January and July for six months to provide shared mobility devices for rent within the City of San Diego. These devices include dockless, motorized scooters and bikes. Issues and questions regarding the use of shared mobility devices should be directed to the authorized operators listed in the link.

Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Traffic Safety

If you find a problem on our roads that needs immediate attention,
report it to the City Services via the City of San Diego “Get it Done” App

Report a pothole or request street maintenance
by calling 619-527-7500 or report it on “Get It Done” App.

Report a problem with a rideshare bicycle or scooter
to the responsible company.


Bike Share bikes

A great way to get around for transit users, visitors, military and residents alike.


Alternative Vehicle Information

Scooter Rules of the Road


Park Correctly When Finished