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San Diego Hires Jorge Riveros as Director of Transportation
Debbie L. Sklar September 17, 2021
SANDAG and Caltrans seek feedback on proposed transportation improvements along SR 52 and into La Jolla
Ashley Mackin-Solomon Sep. 13, 2021
San Diego to spend $700K assessing street conditions to spend repair money wisely
David Garrick Sept. 12, 2021
Construction begins on seawall to protect train tracks in Del Mar
Phil Diehl San Diego Union-Tribune Sep. 12, 2021
San Diego commission OKs vacation of part of Torrey Pines Road in La Jolla
Ashley Mackin-Solomon Sep. 11, 2021
Bird to Launch First E-Bikes in San Diego
Debbie L. Sklar September 10, 2021
San Diego Pledged To Shift Away From Cars. So Why Is It Still Widening Roads?
Andrew Bowen September 7, 2021
San Diego Pledged To Shift Away From Cars. So Why Is It Still Widening Roads?
Andrew Bowen Sep 7, 2021 KPBS (Video)
Concept to beautify Nautilus Street gets La Jolla community planners’ approval
Ashley Mackin-Solomon Sep. 4, 2021
Suspect in series of bike thefts in La Jolla neighborhoods is arrested
Ashley Mackin-Solomon Sep. 3, 2021
The Politics of Fear: Bicycling Deaths, Crosswalks and Dog Bites
Geoff Page September 3, 2021
City Council approves pilot parking meter program for Pacific Beach
Dave Schwab September 2, 2021
Online e-bike forum addresses safety, laws
Luke Harold Sep. 1, 2021
Annual PB Counts provides data on non-motorized mobility
Dave Schwab September 1, 2021
Pacific Beach businesses see pros and cons of new parking meter program
Tyler Faurot Aug. 30, 2021
Stealth Local Government Forces San Diegans to Read the ‘Fine Print’
Kate Callen August 27, 2021
Cyclists are fed up with all the trash along Kearny Villa Road in San Diego
Aug 26, 2021  CBS 8 San Diego
California, San Diego Leaders Take Inaugural Ride On MTS Extension
Melissa Mae August 24, 2021
Few San Diegans Consider Commuting by Bike
Paul Krueger August 24, 2021
The Airport Connects San Diego to the World, But Not to the Trolley
Andrew Keatts August 23, 2021
San Diego’s bicycle infrastructure in transition
Aug. 23, 2021
12 cyclists have died in San Diego County this year due to lake of safe bike lanes
Jacob Mandel Aug. 23, 2021
Bicycle riding in San Diego should be safer
Vicky Granowitz Aug. 23, 2021
San Diego region bicycle lanes are too costly and little used
James Ziegler Aug. 23, 2021
San Diego County needs more safe biking infrastructure
Catherine Blakespear Aug. 23, 2021
With increase in bike accident fatalities, San Diego must prioritize public safety for all
David Peery Aug. 23, 2021
Few San Diegans will consider commuting by bike
Paul Krueger Aug. 23, 2021
Traffic board seeks reflective posts on Lower Hermosa street and discusses project funding priorities
Elisabeth Frausto Aug. 21, 2021
La Jolla traffic board discusses possible new traffic light and approves half-marathon street closures
Elisabeth Frausto Aug. 20, 2021
‘It’s gotten really bad’: Residents around Cardeno Drive worried about speeding cars
Ashley Mackin-Solomon Aug. 17, 2021
Calls for Change Following Rash of Bicyclist Deaths
Alexis Rivas, Meredith Royster and Greg Stickney August 12, 2021
Encinitas begins public outreach for updates to Mobility Element
Bill Slane August 12, 2021
How to save a life: Cyclist rescued a stranger on Carmel Valley bike path
Karen Billing Aug. 11, 2021
MTS Offers Free Rides Amid Switch To New ‘PRONTO’ Card
Andrew Bowen August 10, 2021
Parking meters, sea lions, roundabout study
Letters to the editor Aug. 10, 2021
Parking meters, sea lions, roundabout study
Letters to the editor Aug. 10, 2021
Opinion: Bike lanes a waste of money if they go unused
U-T Letters August 9, 2021
OB Planners Take On Luigi’s Lost Parking Lot, Bike Parking Instead of Cars, Roundabouts, Vendor Ordinance and Capital Projects
Geoff Page August 9, 2021
30th Street Bike Lanes Grand Opening – August 1, 2021
BikeSD August 8, 2021
San Diego’s Jennifer Valente Celebrates Unprecedented Gold Medal in Track Cycling
City News Service August 8, 2021
Latest on the Meade Bikeway
Brian Schrader August 6, 2021
30th Street Bikeway (finally) open
August 6, 2021
Rose Creek Bikeway still plagued by graffiti, trash, encampments
Dave Schwab August 6, 2021
University City residents concerned about big changes proposed for Governor Drive
CBS 8 San Diego Aug 5, 2021
After recent tragedies, bike advocates call for safer streets throughout San Diego
Dave Schwab August 5, 2021
Utility pole replacement in San Dieguito Lagoon part of new habitat restoration project
Karen Billing August 3, 2021
OB Planners to Tackle Replacing Car Parking Spaces With Bicycle Spaces and Roundabout on West Point Loma – Wed., August 4
Staff on August 2, 2021
Hundreds ride in North Park’s new protected bikeway, Mayor Gloria pushes to replicate project across city
Andrea Lopez-Villafana August 1, 2021
Del Mar pays $3.5 million to settle suit over bicyclist’s death
Luke Harold July 30, 2021 Del Mar Times
Plan for parking meters in Pacific Beach gets initial OK from San Diego City Council
Tyler Faurot July 29, 2021
MTS Board Approves $66M Contract with Inter-Con Security to Patrol Trolleys, Buses
City News Service July 29, 2021
San Diego paying out $1.5 million to pedestrian for head injuries suffered in 2017 La Jolla crash
David Garrick July 28, 2021
Costa Azul hotel, restaurant complex approved for Carmel Valley
Karen Billing July 28, 2021
Reading about La Jolla reminds him of Paris
Various Authors July 28, 2021
How San Diego thinks it will keep outdoor dining and keep walkers and bicyclists happy
Sheila Pell July 27, 2021
Mourning Bike Deaths, Activist Blasts Prioritizing ‘Parking over Human Life’
Chris Stone July 27, 2021
September forum may take another look at community parking district and meters
Ashley Mackin-Solomon July 27, 2021
Surge In Cyclist Deaths Prompts Calls For Faster Safety Upgrades
Andrew Bowen July 26, 2021
Inside Baseball and the ‘Blueprint San Diego’ Scam
Mat Wahlstrom July 26, 2021
Surge In Cyclist Deaths Prompts Calls For Faster Safety Upgrades
Andrew Bowen July 26, 2021
Let’s slow down for student walkers and bikers
Letters to the editor July 26, 2021
Bicyclists Call for More Safety Projects After 12th Cyclist Killed This Year
Dana Griffin July 26, 2021
Want to catch an Angels game? Go to Disneyland? Coaster service to extend its reach
Phil Diehl San Diego Union-Tribune July 25, 2021
Cyclists, Business Owners Review New 30th Street Bike Lanes In North Park
Andrew Bowen July 23, 2021
Man accused of driving on methamphetamine, fatally striking bicyclist in Balboa Park pleads not guilty
LaMonica Peters (KFMB), City News Service July 22, 2021
Leaders Secure State Funding for Bridge
City News Service July 22, 2021
We must force people out of their cars to save the planet
U-T Letters July 22, 2021
Bicyclist killed in Balboa Park crash identified as SDSU architect
Krista Summerville Jul 21, 2021
Bicyclist Killed in crash in Balboa Park
July 20, 2021
Neighbors Complaining About ‘Rogue’ Bicycle Riders in Sunset Cliffs Natural Park
Staff July 20, 2021
5-year parking meter plan?
Letters to the Editor July 19, 2021
Shores group asks for action on new crosswalk striping, pedestrian beacons, roundabout study at intersection
Elisabeth Frausto July 18, 2021
Opinion: Losing parking spaces a hard sell in San Diego
U-T Letters July 18, 2021
Don’t sugarcoat the details on bike lane viability
U-T Letters July 15, 2021
Has highway design crept into Encinitas bike trails?
Sheila Pell July 13, 2021
Our Readers Write: Sea lions, Windansea, fireworks, bicyclists, SB 9 and 10
July 12, 2021
PB’s Diamond ‘slow-shared’ Street is lipstick on a pig
Letter to the Editor July 11, 2021
Will reducing parking spaces transform San Diego, other cities for the better?
Michael Smolens July 11, 2021
San Diego’s science, bicycling communities mourn 2 scientists struck, killed on consecutive days
Alex Riggins July 6, 2021 San Diego Union-Tribune
30th Street Bikeways Project to Be Installed Despite Residents’ and Businessowners’ Complaints of Loss of 450 Parking Spaces
Andrea Lopez-Villafana July 6, 2021 San Diego Union-Tribune
How Hillcrest and North Park fight back against bike thieves
Mike Madriaga July 6, 2021
San Diego County Releases Consumer Guide for Residents Thinking About Buying an Electric Vehicle
City News Service July 6, 2021
‘Dismount/walk’ zone is an answer to cyclist safety
Letters July 5, 2021
North Parks bikeway project should be complete this month how will it impact the community
July 4, 2021
Q&A: North Park’s bikeway project should be complete this month. How will it impact the community?
Andrea Lopez-Villafana July 4, 2021
Bicyclist hurt when SUV drifts into bike lane in La Jolla; motorist is suspected of DUI
City News Service July 4, 2021
La Jolla planning group approves Soledad Mountain roundabout
Ashley Mackin-Solomon July 3, 2021
The new Rose Creek Bikeway is a hit with bicyclists, pedestrians
July 2, 2021
Encinitas council approves redesigns of Leucadia Streetscape
Bill Slane June 30, 2021
Pearl and Nautilus streets
Letters to the editor June 29, 2021
Bicyclists call for more protections and safety education after fatal crash in La Jolla
Elisabeth Frausto June 26, 2021
Family Employer Identify Salk scientist Swati Tyagi killed while bicycling in LaJolla
June 26, 2021
Adults riding bicycles on the sidewalk is dangerous; E-bikes on the beach
Opinion/Letters June 4, 2021
San Diego mayor launches ‘Come play outside’ program
Anissa Durham July 2, 2021
San Diego to create regional park in long-neglected Chollas Creek area in southeastern San Diego
David Garrick June 27, 2021
Mourning the Loss of Swati Tyagi
June 26, 2021 Nevo Magnezi
Bicyclists call for more protections and safety education after fatal crash in La Jolla
Elisabeth Frausto June 26, 2021
Family and Salk Institute identify scientist killed while cycling in La Jolla
Alex Riggins June 26, 2021
Bicyclist, 34, struck and killed in La Jolla
Alex Riggins June 24, 2021
Solana Beach garden club to work with city on Rail Trail upkeep
Bill Slane June 24, 2021
Pause the 30th Street bicycle lane project
U-T Letters June 24, 2021
North Park residents fight back over city’s plan to get rid of parking for new bike lanes
CBS-8 San Diego Jun 23, 2021
San Diego Plan to Eliminate Parking for Businesses Advances
David Garrick / San Diego Union-Tribune / June 23, 2021
Peninsula Planners Take on Navy’s Redevelopment Plans, Riverwalk SD, and a ‘Bicycle Boulevard’
Geoff Page June 22, 2021
San Diego council ignored voters’ voices on infrastructure spending
U-T Letters June 18, 2021
San Diego Plans for 30th Street Repaving, Bike Lane Project Next Week
Debbie L. Sklar June 18, 2021
S.D. supervisors describe investments in mental health, parks
Deborah Sullivan Brennan San Diego Union-Tribune June 15, 2021
‘Doggy Pit Stop,’ Coast Walk Trail repairs
June 15, 2021
New company chosen for La Jolla directional sign program after FlashParking pulls out
Ashley Mackin-Solomon June 15, 2021
Dog owners win the battle of Fiesta Island
Sheila Pell June 15, 2021
San Diegans can’t afford the high-speed rail plan
U-T Letters June 15, 2021
La Jolla Shores ‘frustrated’ over traffic safety after SUV hits mother and two children
Elisabeth Frausto, Ashley Mackin-Solomon June 14, 2021
e-Bikes Are The Latest Rage, But California Taxpayers Shouldn’t Subsidize Them
Melanie Burkholder June 12, 2021
Asphalt resurfacing proceeding on Del Mar Heights streets
Luke Harold June 11, 2021
Leucadia safety advocates renew push for rail crossings after latest fatality
Bill Slane June 10, 2021
Carmel Valley board to revisit mobility study
Karen Billing June 9, 2021
Overhead lines to go underground on Via De La Valle
Karen Billing June 9, 2021
Largest Park Opens in Growing Millenia ‘Urban Hub’ in Chula Vista
Chris Jennewein June 9, 2021
‘She Served Encinitas with Distinction’: Former Councilwoman Jody Hubbard Dead at 64
Elizabeth Ireland June 9, 2021
Solana Beach continues work on Lomas Santa Fe Corridor Improvement Project
Luke Harold June 8, 2021
Park Advocates Demand Public Review Period for San Diego’s New Parks Master Plan
June 3, 2021
SANDAG, Caltrans Seek Public Input for Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan
Debbie L. Sklar June 3, 2021
Mayor Gloria announces Parks Master Plan update that prioritizes equity
June 02, 2021
San Diego parks fall in ratings
Sheila Pell June 1, 2021
Boerner Horvath’s Bill to Incentivize Electric Bicycle Purchases Passes Assembly
Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath June 1, 2021
Pedestrian plaza, parking
Letters: May 31, 2021
Coastal Commission raises concerns over plans for De Anza Point
Dave Schwab May 27, 2021
La Jolla groups seek reduced construction fencing in Scripps Park for summer
Ashley Mackin-Solomon May 27, 2021
Peninsula Planners Table Park Recommendations Until Public Input
by Staff on May 26, 2021
Cabrillo National Monument open until sunset during summer weekends
May 26, 2021
Leaders Open Rose Creek Bikeway Between University City and Pacific Beach
City News Service May 26, 2021
Amtrak Pacific Surfliner Reservations will be Needed for Peak Travel Weekends
Debbie L. Sklar May 25,2021
San Diegan’s need to rethink our streets
Opinion May 23 2021
California Agency Sets 2030 Electric Car Mandate for Uber and Lyft
CalMatters May 23 2021
Re-imagining Streetscape – the Devil’s in the Details! Bike Share program this fall
Catherine Blakespear May 23, 2021
La Jolla traffic board approves proposal for Mount Soledad roundabout
Elisabeth Frausto May 22, 2021
La Jolla traffic board OKs Cuvier Street vacation for Rec Center project, hears Pearl Street design concept
Elisabeth Frausto May 21, 2021
San Diego may make scooter companies more accountable under new business model
David Garrick May 20, 2021
Electric bike share program coming to Encinitas
Barbara Henry (San Diego Union-Tribune) May 17, 2021
Pledge to ‘Go by Bike’ As Bike Anywhere Week Begins Sunday in San Diego County
Editor May 15. 2021
Environmentalists win another battle over fate of Mission Bay Park’s northeast corner
David Garrick San Diego Union-Tribune May 13, 2021
San Diego Making “Modest But Real” Gains on Vision Zero Goal
Damien Newton May 12, 2021
San Diego workers hopping back in cars
Sheila Pell May 11, 2021
Incentivizing E-Bikes Would Be Money Well Spent
Paul Krueger May 10, 2021
La Jolla community planners endorse waiving summer construction moratorium for Scripps Park restroom facility, new bike racks
Ashley Mackin-Solomon May 9, 2021
San Diego River Days kicks off week of activities for all ages
May 08, 2021
Lessons learned from ‘slow streets’ experiment could help San Diego boost walking, cycling
David Garrick May 8, 2021
New electric bike shop rides the wave into Point Loma
Dave Schwab May 07,2021
RV Resort, Mixed-Use Path on Chula Vista Bayfront Opens to Public
Elizabeth Ireland May 05, 2021
Gloria Highlights ‘Sexy Streets’ Program for Underserved Communities
Debbie L. Sklar May 3, 2021
Port of San Diego to double shore power at cruise terminals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
May 01, 2021
Officials Receive $12M to Complete Segment of North County’s Inland Rail Trail
City News Service April 30, 2021
How and why the Mike Gotch Bridge was built
Eve Anderson April 30, 2021
Woman-owned scooter co. Veo brings 1,000 seated devices to downtown San Diego
April 30, 2021
Is the San Diego Grand Central Station worth the cost
April 30, 2021
Bikes Roll as 3-Acre Park, 79-Acre Campground Open in South Bay
April 29, 2021
Study shows best route for Del Mar train tunnel
Phil Diehl San Diego Union-Tribune April 27, 2021
Why Is the Maritime Museum Still Storing Stuff on Public Space?
Pissed Off April 26, 2021
Our San Diego region is not taking action at a pace or scale necessary for our climate emergency
Nicole Capretz April 26, 2021
California needs more electric vehicle charging stations. Here’s how SDG&E is doing its part.
Estela de Llanos April 26, 2021
SANDAG affirms commitment to move tracks off Del Mar bluffs
Bill Slane April 26, 2021
‘Tour of Solana Beach Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt’ begins May 1, 2021
April 25, 2021
Neighborhood equity, climate resilience will become main criteria for prioritizing San Diego road repairs
David Garrick April 25, 2021
New Plan would Transform Car-Centric El Cajon Boulevard into vibrant pedestrian friendly area
April 26, 2021
La Jolla’s Hillside Drive to get updated signs prohibiting large trucks
Elisabeth Frausto April 24, 2021
Development and traffic planners don’t vote on Cuvier Street vacation proposal and ask applicants to return
Ashley Mackin-Solomon, Elisabeth Frausto April 23, 2021
Mayor launches new electric vehicle solar-powered charging stations
April 22, 2021
Bikeways Are Needed to Safely Introduce San Diegans to Bicycle Commuting
Stephan Vance and Kyle Heiskala April 22, 2021
SANDAG Seeks Public Comment On Central Mobility Hub Project By May 28
Debbie L. Sklar April 22, 2021
Puesto’s plaza plan heard and continued at traffic board; DPR backs exploring proposed Wall Street closure
Elisabeth Frausto, Ashley Mackin-Solomon April 22, 2021
La Jolla projects in mayor’s budget plan include Scripps Park, Bike lanes, new fire station
Ashley Mackin-Solomon April 22, 2021
Following traffic fatality, Torrey Pines board calls for street safety upgrades
Luke Harold April 21, 2021
Leucadia front and center as City Council discusses capital improvement program
Bill Slane April 18, 2021
Residents have mixed views on Slow Streets program in Pacific Beach
Dave Schwab April 16, 2021
Developers Can Proceed with Plans for Waterfront Hotel Project Following Port Agreement
April 15, 2021
MTS Launches ‘Eat-Shop-Play’
April 15, 2021
Returning scooters to corrals should be required
April 12, 2021
Explore the Shore a special month-long biking event for all-ages
April 12, 2021
Pacific Beach residents should have more say over ‘Slow Streets’ program
April 12, 2021
Earth Week cleanup in San Diego County
April 11, 2021
Trading clunkers for electric bikes: France moves to offer financial incentive
Reuters April 11, 2021
If They Build It, Will We Bike?
Ian Anderson April 9, 2021
4 San Diego Bike Shop Owners Riding the Global Biking Boom
Erica Nichols April 8, 2021
5 Bike Paths to Tour Every Part of San Diego
Andrew Bowen April 7, 2021
Electric Scooters Slowly Return After Pandemic Slump
Andrew Bowen March 31, 2021
Pacific Beach residents get out on their bikes for Tour de PB
March 26, 2021
Bike lanes, PTSA email, San Diego Community Power
Letters to the editor March 22, 2021
UC San Diego plans adaptive ‘smart’ traffic signals at 26 area intersections
Elisabeth Frausto March 18, 2021
Lobbyists clamor to feed police chief Nisleit
(Read down to bottom for Bike Info)
Matt Potter March 17, 2021
Coast Walk Trail gets some TLC with community’s help as Friends group launches new round of fundraising
Ashley Mackin-Solomon March 16, 2021
First Block of 14th Street ‘Safe, Walkable’ Greenway Project Is Done
City News Service March 12, 2021
San Diego launches online public forums to fix traffic jams, commuter woes
Joshua Emerson Smith March 11, 2021
San Diego’s deadly bike lanes
Phillip Young, March 8, 2021
Are San Diego Bike Lanes Safe?
Phillip Young March 15, 2021
Bike Coalition’s Scavenger Hunt comes to southeastern San Diego
Laura Groch March 10, 2021
The Supposed Safe Feeling of Protected Bike Lanes is Misleading—Even Deadly
Phillip Young March 1, 2021
Teenage Girl Walking in Mission Beach Critically Injured by Car Running Red Light
City News Service March 01, 2021
Try Slow Pacific Beach
Steven Mihailovich February 25, 2021 pbmonthly.nets
Scooter Parking Program Offers Discounts, Maps to Help Riders Find On-Street Corrals
City News Service February 25, 2021
Leucadia Streetscape construction starts March 1, 2021
Dustin Jones February 24, 2021 thecoastnews.coms
News and Notices for Ocean Beach and Point Loma
Frank Gormlie January 24, 2020
Traffic circles safer, but maybe not for bikes
Mike Madriaga February 23, 2021
Our Readers Write: Little Street parking, Gilman Drive bikeway
Letters February 22, 2021
La Jolla traffic board approves parking directional sign project
Elisabeth Frausto February 20, 2021
‘Covid Cruisers’ land on ‘Mars’ celebrating NASA’s mission
Karen Scanlon February 19, 2021
Beach bus routes to be reconfigured for Mid-Coast Trolley opening
Dave Schwab February 19, 2021
Pedal Ahead program promotes healthful living, less pollution
Dave Schwab February 18, 2021
Car-Free Cyclist Joins San Diego Bike Coalition as Advocacy Manager
Debbie L. Sklar February 17, 2021
Opinion: Debate over raised bikeway barriers is raised
February 17, 2021
MTS workshop details bus route changes coming with new trolley extension
Elisabeth Frausto February 11, 2021
La Jolla PDO Committee approves parking directional signs plan
Ashley Mackin-Solomon February 9, 2021
La Jolla community planners give green light to Coastal Rail Trail bikeway plan
Ashley Mackin-Solomon February 9, 2021
2020 changed face of cycling for good?
Kendra Sitton February 5, 2021
La Jolla News Nuggets: Engineering awards $10 million bridge
February 2, 2021
Coastal Access and Parking Board picks company for La Jolla parking directional signs
Ashley Mackin-Solomon February 1, 2021
San Diego neighbors are stepping up to build sidewalks. Could their efforts be replicated?
Andrea Lopez-Villafaña Jan. 31, 2021
SANDAG cuts virtual ribbon on 3-mile trail section in Vista
Coast News wire services January 29, 2021
Opinion: San Diego Must Get Real About Reaching its Bike Commuting Goal
Paul Krueger January 28, 2021
Peninsula Planners Support Criticism of City’s Master Plan on Parks and Want a 4-Way Stop at Froude and Cape May
Geoff Page January 27, 2021
Fall start planned for SR-56 bike path extension
Karen Billing January 26, 2021
Coalition Warns Midway Planners About City’s New Master Park Plan – But Midway Doesn’t Care
Geoff Page January 25, 2021
Opinion: Different directions on building new bike lanes
U-T Letters January 24, 2021
Traffic board approves new bus route to connect La Jolla with new trolley station
Elisabeth Frausto January 24, 2021
La Jolla board approves Coastal Rail Trail bikeway plan for Gilman Drive corridor
Elisabeth Frausto January 23, 2021
Bike shops in La Jolla and Pacific Beach rolling along despite shortages
Dave Schwab January 22, 2021
Recurring flooding issue at Mission Bay High is a ditch
Dave Schwab January 22, 2021
SANDAG approves $90 million towards new bike lanes throughout San Diego
Alicia Summers (Reporter),City News Service January 10, 2020
Sport cyclists and car culture collide in San Diego’s massive expansion of bike lanes
Joshua Emerson Smith January 09, 2021
Portion of new West Mission Bay Drive Bridge opens to traffic
January 05, 2021
Portion of new West Mission Bay Drive bridge opened
ABC 10 News  January 05, 2021


SANDAG awarded $9.29M for advancing connectivity project
Lauryn Schroeder December 31, 2020
Here’s a way to get a community benefit from UCSD’s new development

Kurt Hoffman December 31, 2020
Christmas bike giveaway
ABC 10 News December 26, 2020
Is biking really in San Diego’s future?
U-T Letters December 25, 2020
San Dieguito River Park awarded $1.39 million to fill gap in Coast to Crest Trail
December 20, 2020
City project raises concerns for North Park businesses
ABC 10 News December 16, 2020
Cyclist’s death inspires bike safety advocates in Encinitas
Caitlin Steinberg December 15, 2020
Encinitas, SANDAG to Begin Construction on Undercrossing Project Next Week
Posted by Debbie L. Sklar on December 3, 2020
Man to Stand Trial on Hit-and-Run Charge For Crash That Killed Bicyclist
Christine Huard December 1, 2020
La Jolla traffic board hears proposals for protected bikeways
Elisabeth Frausto November 25, 2020
Council sneaks in vote on 30th Street bike lanes at last minute
Marty Graham November 23, 2020
Locate Here
Jeff Clemetson November 18, 2020
County awarded grant for bicycle, pedestrian safety education
José A. Álvarez November 14, 2020
County Health Agency Gets $125,000 Grant To Improve Bike, Pedestrian Safety
Debbie L. Sklar November 13, 2020
Mixed reviews for parking meter pilot proposal in Pacific Beach
Dave Schwab November 11, 2020
City Council approves Complete Communities housing and mobility plans, despite objections from local groups
Ashley Mackin-Solomon November 10, 2020 pbmonthly.nets
San Diego bike owners take things into their own hands
Mike Madriaga Nov. 3, 2020
Our Readers Write: ‘Slow streets,’ carbon tax
Nov. 2, 2020
How one San Diegan uses his bicycle obsession to make the sport more inclusive and accessible to others
Lisa Deaderick Oct. 31, 2020
Why riding a bike isn’t just good for your health but for your career
Neil Senturia September 28, 2020
Bicyclist, Motorcyclist Suffer Injuries During Collision in Pacific Beach
Posted by Editor  October 17, 2020
New leadership to re-focus beautifulPB’s vision for community
October 14, 2020
Guest commentary: Street redesign is needed to curb speeding
Ellen Kennedy Oct. 12, 2020
Report on OB Planning Meeting: Dog Beach Fencing, Parking Lot Limits, Del Monte Overlook, Ebers St. Park, Nimitz & W.Pt.Loma
October 9, 2020
North Park Resident Tracks Down Her Stolen Property
Diane Bell October 7, 2020
Schmidt Design Group envisions Mission Valley’s future
Delle Willett October 2, 2020
No delay for deletion of parking on 30th Street
Marty Graham September 28, 2020
Pandemic Brings More Biking And Fewer Crashes — But Can It Last?
Andrew Bowen September 28, 2020
Hancock Street to get sharrows
September 22, 2020
Pandemic Brings More Biking And Fewer Crashes — But Can It Last?
Andrew Bowen September 28, 2020
Supervisor Nathan Fletcher Begins Pedal Ahead E-Bike Program in East San Diego
Christine Huard September 22, 2020
Beach fires and commercial district parking meters are top topics at Pacific Beach Town Council meeting
September 22, 2020
La Jolla neighbors want traffic circle at intersection in Lower Hermosa
Elisabeth Frausto September 18, 2020
More San Diegans biking during pandemic shutdown
Kristina Davis September 9, 2020
National City proposes pedestrian plaza under I-5 overpass
Gustavo Solis Sep. 17, 2020
More San Diegans biking during pandemic shutdown
September 9, 2020
SANDAG Report Finds Biking Up More Than 40% During COVID-19 Pandemic
Debbie L. Sklar  September 9, 2020
New outdoor dining program temporarily closes parking spaces on stretch of Pacific Beach’s Ocean Boulevard
Rob Vardon Aug. 22, 2020
Desmond proposes Rancho Santa Fe roundabouts
Gary Warth August 21, 2020
New Pedestrian Undercrossing Approved!
Catherine Blakespear  August 16, 2020
Encinitas approves $13 million railroad underpass crossing in Leucadia
Caitlin Steinberg August 13, 2020
San Diego rolls out ‘Better by Bike’ blog to promote bicycling
August 10, 2020
Changing lanes in College Area
Jose Reynoso August 8, 2020
Judge Expected To Allow North Park Bike Lane Project To Proceed Despite Lawsuit
Andrew Bowen August 6, 2020
Cabrillo National Monument opening for sunsets during August weekends
July 30, 2020
Fight Coronavirus With ‘Miracle Pill’ Of Bicycling To Work, Boris Johnson To Tell Brits
Carlton Reid July 25, 2020
Halfway point for West Mission Bay Drive bridge replacement project
Dave Schwab July 16, 2020
Bike Coalition Hosts Scavenger Hunt in Imperial Beach
Hoa Quach July 9, 2020
How to get to the river path from Sports Arena Boulevard
Delinda Lombardo July 3, 2020
Forget bike lanes or sidewalks in rural San Diego County
Sheila Pell June 30, 2020
Hundreds participate in ‘pedal for justice’ protest bicycle ride across San Diego
David Garrick June 28, 2020
Bicyclists, skateboarders spread rolling Black Lives Matter message
Phil Diehl June 27, 2020
Let’s Roll: 100 Ride Along Mission Bay Park for BLM, Breonna Taylor
Ken Stone June 27, 2020
Join Bill Walton’s Virtual Ride, Bike For Humanity, in July for Charity
June 25, 2020
Pacific Beach trolley station on schedule for 2021 opening
Dave Schwab June 25, 2020
Will lower fines encourage fare skipping on buses and trolley?
Sheila Pell June 23, 2020
Pilot program expands dining into public streets, sidewalks
Kendra Sitton June 12, 2020
La Jolla sees reduction in scooters and short-term rentals during pandemic
Ashley Mackin-Solomon June 1, 2020
PB planners discuss approved Foothill and Loring roundabout
Dave Schwab May 29, 2020
Mixed reviews on ‘Slow Streets’ at Pacific Beach Town Council
Dave Schwab May 28, 2020
Slow Streets Spreading Across City Possibly County
May 28, 2020
New San Diego Plan to Divert Transit Money Away from Suburbs Called Unfair
May 28, 2020
As Lockdown Orders Lift, Can Cities Prevent A Traffic Catastrophe?
Camila Domonoske / NPR May 27, 2020
New San Diego plan to divert transit money away from suburbs called unfair
David Garrick May 27, 2020
San Diego ‘slow streets’ program gets mixed reviews in Pacific Beach
Savanah Duffy May 26, 2020
A train tunnel to L.A. under UTC
Sheila Pell May 19, 2020
Bike Sales Gear Up As The Homebound Try Socially Distant Exercise
James Doubek / NPR May 16, 2020
City of San Diego Launches ‘Better By Bike’ Effort to Encourage
Bicycling As Transportation Option

Debbie L. Sklar May 13, 2020
Circulate San Diego encourages residents to ride bicycles this May
Dave Schwab May 13, 2020
Harbor Drive Getting Facelift For First Time In 20 Years, Becoming More Bike-Friendly
Matt Hoffman May 12, 2020
With Traffic Down, City Begins 3-Week Repaving of North Harbor Drive
Chris Jennewein May 12, 2020
SANDAG’s Annual Bike to Work Day Cancelled Due to COVID-19
Debbie L. Sklar on May 12, 2020
Volunteers working to improve Coast Walk Trail in La Jolla
Dave Schwab May 11, 2020
OB Planners and Town Council Consider Converting 5 Blocks of Bacon Street
to One-Way ‘Slow Street’

Frank Gormlie May 8, 2020
Councilmember Campbell proposes closing Sunset Cliffs
due to large, rowdy crowds after dark

Dave Schwab May 08, 2020
During pandemic San Diego bicyclists push street closures
Howard St. in North Park, Diamond St. in Pacific Beach, Adams Avenue bridge
Marty Graham May 4, 2020
Get some exercise and culture by taking Pacific Beach’s mural tour
Dave Schwab May 01, 2020
Foothill and Loring intersection will get its roundabout
Dave Schwab April 30, 2020
San Diego Unveils ‘Slow Streets’ Pilot Program
April 29, 2020
‘Slow Streets’ Program to Expand Roads for Pedestrians
Christine Huard April 29, 2020
City to reopen bikeways, create ‘slow streets’ for safer walking, biking
April 29, 2020
San Diego will partially close some streets starting Thursday to boost outdoor recreation space
April 29, 2020
Street in Pacific Beach to partially close as San Diego seeks to boost outdoor recreation space
David Garrick April 29, 2020
More Biking And Walking, Fewer Cars: How Coronavirus Is Changing San Diego Streets
Andrew Bowen April 23, 2020
Bill Walton Bike Ride Raises 100K for COVID-19 Causes
April 25, 2020
More Biking And Walking, Fewer Cars: How Coronavirus Is Changing San Diego Streets
Andrew Bowen April 23, 2020
Old Guys On Bikes: to the beaches and battlefields of Normandy
Bill Manson April 22, 2020
Florida Canyon, Mission Trails bike paths re-opened
Sheila Pell April 21, 2020
Bill Walton Is All About the Bike
Jason Gay April 20, 2016
California Shouldn’t Ban Recreational Biking to Fight Coronavirus
Paul F. Steinberg; CalMatters April 18, 2020
Good Samaritans, firefighters rescue bicyclist trapped under vehicle in Middletown
Alex Riggins April 17, 2020
Basketball icon Bill Walton takes his COVID-19 appeal to the streets
Diane Bell April 17, 2020
Finn looks to help and have fun through Bike for Humanity
Jay Paris April 16, 2020
National City red curbs 49 parking spots along Sweetwater Road
Gustavo Solis April 15, 2020
A healthy Bill Walton doing what he can to help others
Nicole Yang April 14, 2020
Coronavirus threatens to derail San Diego’s plans to expand public transit
Joshua Emerson Smith April 10, 2020
Bill Walton and friends will Bike for Humanity to benefit coronavirus victims
April 07, 2020
Bike Lanes and Our Diminishing Vision for Urban Transportation
Steve Rodriguez March 6, 2020
San Diego MTS Again Offers Laptops to Winners of High School Essay Contest
Ken Stone March 2, 2020
Circulate San Diego working to increase safety for pedestrians, bicyclists
Dave Schwab February 29, 2020
Traffic dangers on Foothill Blvd.
Steven Mihailovich February 10, 2020
Parking Lot Near Air & Space Museum to Become Green Belt Public Plaza
Ken Stone February 10, 2020
Ocean Beach Planning Board: Okayed Pedestrian Safety at OB Elementary School, OB Pathways”,  River Path Bike Trail
Frank Gormlie February 6, 2020
Temporary full closure of Ocean Beach bike path starts Feb. 3, 2020
Feb 02, 2020
Bikesmith Bob has kept Pacific Beach pedaling for 50 years
Jack Gates February 01, 2020
Regional Bike Summit in Balboa Park to feature beers, mayoral candidates and urban rides
Joshua Emerson Smith January 29, 2020
City Council officially bans scooters on boardwalks
Dave Schwab January 28, 2020
Council Hits Brakes on Scooters Along Mission, Pacific Beach Boardwalks
Debbie L. Sklar January 28, 2020
Foothill Boulevard residents circle back to roundabout request
Dave Schwab January 24, 2020
Report Shows 22 Pedestrians, 5 Bicyclists Died in San Diego in 2019
Chris Jennewein January 22, 2020
U-T Letters: Bike land bond decision grinds some people’s gears
January 15, 2020
SANDAG Approves Issuing $90 Million In Bonds For Bike Projects
City News Service January 13, 2020
Letters to the Editor: SD Uptown News
January 10, 2020
See How San Diego Rolls on Bike to Work Day
Chase Scheinbaum May 10, 2019 Updated Jan 10, 2020
16 Miles of Bike Lanes in North Park and Mid-City Win SANDAG Approval
Ken Stone  January 10, 2020
The Golden Gear Awards honors San Diego’s bicycle advocates
Dave Schwab January 10, 2020
SANDAG approves $90M to keep regional bike lane projects rolling
Joshua Emerson Smith Jan. 10, 2020


Project Will Turn Major Section of Concrete-Lined Chollas Creek into Natural Waterway
Chris Jennewein December 24, 2019
Greet the New Rail-Trails of 2019
Laura Stark December 16, 2019
North Park, Mid-City bikeways break ground
Kendra Sutton December 13, 2019
30th Street bikeway gets a new option
Kendra Sitton December 13, 2019
SANDAG Breaks Ground On Bikeway Projects In North Park, Mid-City
City News Service December 12, 2019
City moves forward North Park bikeway, removing nearly 450 parking spots
Andrea Lopez-Villafaña December 6, 2019
San Diego bans e-scooters along the boardwalk from Mission Beach to La Jolla
December 16, 2019
Readers React: Give the bike lanes some time to catch on
U-T Letters Dec. 4, 2019
Bike lanes supposedly help the environment…
So why is it taking San Diego so long to get them built?

Joshua Emerson Smith Nov. 19, 2019
Nissan Versa Note Driver Sought in Ocean Beach Hit-Run Injuring Bike Walker
Ken Stone  October 16, 2019
100,000 More Trips Make Oct. 2 Free Transit Day a ‘Tremendous Success’
Chris Jennewein October 14, 2019
Carbon Footprint: How Nicole Capretz became the climate-change maven of San Diego
October 10, 2019
Circulate San Diego Releases a Vision Zero Primer
Melanie Curry Sep 17, 2019
Plans to make Mission Boulevard more pedestrian, bicycle friendly
Dave Schwab September 04, 2019
Oct. 2 is Free Ride Day for MTS Trolleys, Buses and NCTD Sprinter and Coaster
Ken Stone August 21, 2019
Lawsuit Challenges Plan For Bike Lanes On North Park Thoroughfare
Andrew Bowen August 14, 2019
Plan for 30th Street bike lane stokes fears, hopes
Kendra Sitton August 2, 2019
Editorial: Protected bike lanes are the new normal in San Diego. Get used to it.
SD Union-Tribune Editorial Board July 26, 2019
Fact check: No boycott on 30th Street
Kendra Sitton July 24, 2019
New underpass and bridge move Rose Creek Bikeway closer to 2020 completion
Dave Schwab July 24, 2019
City Expands Protected Bike Lane Network Just In Time For Comic-Con
Andrew Bowen July 19, 2019
First Protected Bicycle Lanes Appearing on 3 Downtown Streets
Chris Jennewein July 17, 2019
Scooter Corrals Being Marked in Ocean Beach by City Crews
Staff July 12, 2019
Bicycle Facilities, Parks Help San Diego Rank as Top U.S. City for Recreation
Chris Jennewein July 6, 2019
Newly Relocated Rose Canyon Bike Path Opens for July 4th Holiday
Debbie L. Sklar July 4, 2019
How Dockless Scooters and Bikes Are Being Regulated in San Diego
Debbie L. Sklar July 1, 2019
Dockless Scooters and Bikes Now Under Tighter Rules in Parts of San Diego
Ken Stone July 1, 2019
Biking advocate Andy Hanshaw named to city’s new Mobility Board
Dave Schwab June 28, 2019
Pacific Beach groups survey potential scooter corral sites
Dave Schwab June 28, 2019
City working on mobility concepts for Mission Boulevard
Dave Schwab June 9, 2019
Last call for input on Balboa-Pacific Beach trolley station:
Planning board reviews SANDAG’s mobility proposals

Linda Hutchison June 6, 2019
OB Planning Board Approves Projects and Takes on Scooter Corrals
Frank Gormlie June 6, 2019
Bike advocate Andy Hanshaw to lead City’s new Mobility Board
News Staff June 6, 2019
Ocean Beach Planning Board Has 2 Projects, Scooter Corrals
Frank Gormlie June 3, 2019
Protected bikeways on Fourth and Fifth avenues closer to breaking ground
Kendra Sitton June 1, 2019
Can San Diego’s climate-action goals be met?
Dave Schwab May 31, 2019
Protected bikeways on Fourth and Fifth avenues closer to breaking ground
Kendra Sitton May 31, 2019
Scooter Companies Map Out ‘Corral’ Locations for Ocean Beach
Frank Gormlie May 28, 2019
Community leaders discuss traffic/bike lanes
Dave Schwab May 26, 2019
My favorite items for a comfortable and enjoyable ride
Nicole Burgess May 23, 2019
Officers Target Pedestrian, Bicycle Trouble Spots in OB, Hillcrest and Point Loma
Editor May 19, 2019
North Park’s 30th Street To Get Protected Bike Lanes
Andrew Bowen May 17, 2019 kpbs.orgs
30th Street to have fully protected bike lane
Kendra Sitton May 17, 2019
Walk, Bike, and Roll in Pacific Beach during National Bike Month
Dave Schwab May 12, 2019
New Electric Bike/Scooter Rules for San Diego
Susan DeMaggio May 10, 2019
Pacific Beach News Briefs: Dockless scooter rules, Rose Creek Bikeway construction
News Staff May 10, 2019
Bike markings coming to Morena Blvd at the Interstate 8 crossing
Patrick Santana May 10, 2019
30th Street bike lane headed to a vote;
Kendra Sitton May 7, 2019
A Wonderful Transformation for West Point Loma Blvd
Nicole Burgess May 2, 2019
Peninsula planners favor protected bike lane for West Point Loma Boulevard
Dave Schwab April 24, 2019
City Council Approves Regulations For Dockless Scooters, Bikes
Andrew Bowen April 23, 2019 kpbs.orgs
More than 150 riders use “people-protected bike lane” to call for safe 30th Street bike lanes
Patrick Santana April 14, 2019
Activists Rallying For Protected Bike Lanes In North Park
Andrew Bowen April 4, 2019
San Diego Evicts Docked Bike-Sharing Company DiscoverBike
Andrew Bowen March 19, 2019
Normal Street Promenade receives Uptown Planners support
Sara Butler March 8, 2019
Peninsula planners discuss bike lane for West Point Loma Boulevard
Dave Schwab January 29, 2019
SANDAG Reverses Course On Talmadge Bike Safety Project
Andrew Bowen February 22, 2019
Why I Ride – message from our new board president
Nicole Burgess January 22, 2019
West Point Loma Blvd bike lanes: still no approval from PCPB
Patrick Santana January 18, 2019


Makeover of Paradise Creek and Kimball Park
Leorah Gavidor December 31, 2018
City Building Dedicated Lanes Downtown for Bicycles and Scooters
Debbie L. Sklar December 21, 2018
City creates mobility board to focus on safer and cleaner transportation goals
Dave Schwab December 12, 2018
City, residents discussing plans to improve mobility in Pacific Beach
Dave Schwab September 19, 2018
Proposed bike lane on West Point Loma Avenue causes controversy
Dave Schwab September 13, 2018
Point Loma has three extremely dangerous intersections for bicyclists
Dave Schwab September 12, 2018
City sets 8 PB sites as priorities in Bicycle Master Plan project for Pacific Beach/San Diego
Steven Mihailovich September 07, 2018
News and community briefs for Pacific Beach and Mission Beach
July 26, 2018
SD City Council Approves Bicycle Master Plan’s Implementation
Alexander Nguyen July 23, 2018
San Diego Plans to Install Hundreds of Additional Bike Racks
Debbie L. Sklar July 6, 2018
State Council Awards $30 Million for SD Transportation Infrastructure Projects
Debbie L. Sklar June 28, 2018 ~
San Diego Bicycle Plan Getting Real: Panel Eyes $312M Bike Network
Ken Stone June 21, 2018
San Diego City Council Approves Bike Implementation Plan
City News Service June 21, 2018 ~
Study shows most dangerous spots for bicyclists are Pacific Beach, downtown, Rosecrans Street, Escondido
David Garrick June21, 2018
Protected Bike Path With Parking on West Pt Loma Supported by Ocean Beach Planners
Frank Gormlie June 11, 2018 ~
Save the Hancock Street Bike Lane
Paul Jamason June 4, 2018
After Public Shaming, SANDAG Has More Bike Project Delays
Andrew Bowen May 24, 2018 ~
Zapf moves to ban motorized scooters from boardwalk
Dave Schwab May 11, 2018 ~
Opinion: Heartbroken over a stolen bike; bait bike program a positive step
Nicole Burgess April 25, 2018 ~
City of San Diego Announces Commitment to Its First Vision Zero Improvements
Melanie Curry Apr 11, 2018
City closes Point Loma bike track due to liability issues
Dave Schwab April 09, 2018 ~
Mayor Faulconer Nixes 2019 Deadline For Downtown Bike Network
Andrew Bowen April 05, 2018 ~
Construction Work on Trolley Extension Delays Reopening of Ocean Beach Bike Path
Toni McAllister March 29, 2018
Higher Costs, Delays Threaten Downtown San Diego Bike Network
Andrew Bowen March 13, 2018 ~
City breaks ground for new Rose Creek Bikeway
Dave Schwab February 07, 2018 ~
Rose Creek Bikeway breaks ground as part of $200 million campaign
Joshua Emerson Smith February 02, 2018 ~
Traffic circles coming to Moraga Avenue
Julie Stalmer January 18, 2018
Bike path extension started at Rose Creek
John Gibbins February 02, 2018 ~
O.B. school crossing guard all business
Delinda Lombardo January 05, 2018 ~


San Diego says it’s ahead of schedule on 1,000 miles of street paving
David Garrick November 6, 2017 ~
Where are San Diego County’s most dangerous intersections for pedestrians?
Joshua Emerson Smith December 2, 2017 ~
San Diego’s top 20 most dangerous intersections for pedestrians
Joshua Emerson Smith December 2, 2017 ~
City moves ahead with $140-million replacement of West Mission Bay Drive bridge
Morgan Cook November 21, 2017 ~
Set a speed limit for riding bikes on the sidewalk
U-T Letter writers October 18, 2017 ~
Local laws vary widely on controversial sidewalk bicycling
David Garrick October13, 2017 ~
City to pay $12.5M to family whose child was killed at dangerous crosswalk in Point Loma
September 19, 2017 ~
UberEats adds bike couriers in San Diego to speed up deliveries
Jennifer Van Grove September 18, 2017 ~
City Heights getting ‘complete street’ geared for walkers, bicyclists
David Garrick September 11, 2017
Many beach stations scratched from San Diego’s struggling bike share network
David Garrick September 6, 2017 ~
Daniela Trujillo is Making San Diego More Bike-Friendly
Erica Nichols August 30, 2017
Locals know where to go for flats: Bernie’s Bicycle Shop an institution in Ocean Beach
Dave Schwab  August 16, 2017~
San Diego Confronts Bad Data From Bike-Counting Cameras
Andrew Bowen July 24, 2017 KPBS
Peninsula residents working to improve Voltaire Corridor

Dave Schwab July 22, 2017 ~
City approves funding for roundabouts in Pacific Beach
Dave Schwab June 4, 2017 ~
10 Scenic Hikes Within an Hour of San Diego
Claire Trageser Apr 4, 2017
Letter to editor: Paint our streets for safety, comfort, and visibility
Nicole Burgess February 28, 2017 ~
La Jolla Merchants Association discuss Girard Avenue crosswalk enhancement
Dave Schwab February 24, 2017 ~
Pacific Beach has No. 3 most dangerous intersection in San Diego
Dave Schwab  February 7, 2017 ~
Beyond bicycles
Dave Rice February 6, 2017 ~
Pedestrian safety enforcement/education detail in San Diego on Jan. 31
January 31, 2017 ~
One-on-One with Nicole Burgess
Lisa Deaderick January 28, 2017 ~
Mission Beach boardwalk project earns award January 24 2017
Local leaders look ahead at what will affect Ocean Beach and Point Loma in 2017
Dave Schwab Jan 05, 2017 ~
Safety first for Silver Gate students in Point Loma
January 3, 2017 ~


Peninsula Beacon’s 2016 Year in Review: Pier turns 50, plane routes, school stadium lights and dead parrots
Dave Schwab  Dec 31, 2016 ~
City Heights planners displeased with bikeway plans
Marty Graham December 6, 2016
Ocean Beach, Point Loma residents honored as hometown heroes
Dave Schwab  Nov 13, 2016 ~
Heartbroken over a stolen bike? Tips to protect your bike
Dave Schwab  Oct 25, 2016 ~
Ocean Beach, Point Loma community heroes to be honored
Dave Schwab  Oct 25, 2016 ~
Peninsula group approves bike lanes for Wabaska
Dave Schwab  Sept 29, 2016 ~
Turning Wabaska into a safe route to school; Voltaire Bridge to receive improvements
Dave Schwab  Aug 16. 2016 ~
Council Approves Downtown Plan to Create More Sidewalks
Hoa Quach June 21, 2016
BikeSD Endorses Kevin Faulconer for Mayor June 03, 2016
Peninsula Planning Board elects Romanian millennial
Dave Schwab April 28, 2016 ~
Forum yields long wish list among 14 PCPB candidates
Dave Schwab  March 14, 2016 ~
Reducing Wabaska Drive part of Safe Route to Schools plan
Dave Schwab  March 01, 2016 ~
eBike expo, featuring pedal power assists, set for Feb. 26-28 at Liberty Station
Dave Schwab  Feb 22, 2016 ~


Wheels keep on turning for District 2 cycling advocate Nicole Burgess
Dave Schwab  Aug 24, 2015 ~
Peninsula planning discusses pocket park, billboard issues
Dave Schwab  July 24, 2015 ~
San Diego Mayor and City Leaders Embrace Vision Zero
Damien Newton June 22, 2015
Mayor Signs On to Plan to Wipe Out Traffic Deaths by 2025
Alexander Nguyen June 22, 2015
Roll into the Bike Fiesta in Ocean Beach on June 13
Dave Schwab  June 12, 2015 ~
City plans to upgrade unsafe crosswalk at Catalina/Canon in Point Loma
Dave Schwab  May 22, 2015 ~
More bikeways or more highways?
Dave Rice May 16, 2015 ~
Mayor Kevin Faulconer: I want San Diego to be considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. May 06, 2015
Bike Groups Want Mayor to Take Action in Proposed Budget
Debbie L. Sklar April 6, 2015 timesofsandiego.comNo round and round on I.B. roundabout test
Marty Graham March 27, 2015
San Ysidrans, are you ready to scramble?!
Marty Graham February 28, 2015
Mayor Kevin Faulconer: “We are going to fix our streets”
San Ollinger January 19, 2015


Udo was gone
Maryann Castronovo Novwmber. 12, 2014
Quick Hits
Aug 13, 2014 ~
Planners hear bike-share update, field concerns over ‘granny flat’
Dave Schwab ~
Bikeshare program peddles ahead; stations ID’d in OB/Point Loma
Dave Schwab ~
Planners balk at Navy’s jet-fuel pipeline project along Rosecrans
Dave Schwab ~
Ocean Beach hosts visit by David Alvarez
Tony de Garate January 31, 2014 ~
Western Division’s new captain hasn’t lacked for excitement, challenges in early going
by Tony de Garate ~
Apartment-to-condo conversion project meets with resistance
by Dave Schwab ~
Activists, community leaders espouse visions for 2014
by Dave Schwab ~


Ocean Beach talks about the next 30 years
Mercy Baron November 14, 2013 ~
People in the News
Oct 18, 2013 ~
Planners hear update on Liberty Station’s ‘surplus’ parcels
Oct 02, 2013 ~
School crosswalk boo-boo by city may be corrected
Tony de Garate Sept 18, 2013 ~
Residents chime in on wish list for OB’s future
Tony de Garate ~
Peninsula stop-sign issue to come to head for planners
Tony De Garate ~
Quick Hits
May 01, 2013 ~
Bike advocate gears up for a new year of road-sharing efforts in Ocean Beach
Jan 09, 2013 ~


New bike lane on Nimitz in Ocean Beach
by Chad Deal, December 26, 2012 ~
Councilmember Kevin Faulconer Rides to Learn About District Two Bike Issues October 20, 2012
Catchin’ the ‘OB Vibe’ at Bernie’s Bicycle Shop
Mercy Baron October 9, 2012
Where the Sidewalk Ends in Mission Hills
Kelly Bennett May 2, 2012
News in brief
April 04, 2012 ~
Buying a new bike? Buy local
by Nicole Burgess Dec 21, 2010 ~