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Complete Streets – PB Pathway

beautifulPB‘s complete streets efforts are currently focused on PB Pathways, a network of safe neighborhood routes encouraging people to walk, bike or skate to their destinations with traffic calming measures and other features to improve safety.



PB Pathways routes will be implemented in phases. In 2015, Phase I routes had installation of pavement wayfinding markers and destination signage. Curb ramps and enhanced crosswalks were also installed in some locations.

New in early 2016, North PB buffered bike lanes on Cass Street.

In February 2016, bike lanes and street repaving came to Cass St. in North PB. Eventually, bike lanes will extend south on Cass St. to Reed Ave. Improvements will continue as funding becomes available and staging with other road work allows.


New Paint on Cass Street; August 2019.


New flashing lights and painted crosswalks at busy intersections in the beach areas.

Pavement markers, signage and road striping are generally easier to implement as compared to other traffic calming measures that require engineering studies and/or infrastructure improvements. See the link below for the map of Phase I and Phase II routes approved by the PB Planning Group, in collaboration with beautifulPB and other EcoDistrict Partners.



PB Pathway
Community Introduction Ride
July 2015


Meet-up at PB Middle School: free PB Pathway green bandanas, registration and a quick talk on bike safety, traffic rules and sunscreen. Time to roll out!


Rolling from PB Middle school to Fanuel Street, then down across Garnet Avenue to Reed Avenue.


West on Reed Avenue to the PB Library. Good, healthy, outdoor activity on quieter back streets puts a smile on everyone’s face.


Demonstrating to young students how to navigate safely from school to library, as well as all around the beach community, with independence and self sufficiency.


Mid-ride at the PB Library. A great chance to talk about beautifulPB’s efforts to create safe, compete streets; neighborhood sustainability; health and well-being; access and mobility; and other goals of the PB Eco-district.


beautifulPB Board Members Paula Gandolfo and Kristen Victor celebrating a sunny, beautiful PB day. Another day in paradise!


Balancing good health, clean transportation, safe streets and quality of life, Chris Olson shares the good energy of complete streets with the community.


Kristen gives a ‘high-five to the sky’ on this joyous San Diego summer day.


PB Pathway

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