Bike Fiesta

Point Loma Cluster Schools: Bike Fiesta

June 14th, 2015

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was Amsterdam or Copenhagen. In the 1970’s when efforts began to transform these car-centric cities, I’m sure there were many obstacles and oppositions to the goals of “taking back the city” by reducing the number of vehicles and their associated congestion, pollution, noise and threat to the population’s well being. There was probably a similar inertia to overcome as we see in current efforts in San Diego and the gains made at first only came in fits and starts.

Paradigm shifts happen slowly as the old way of thinking dies away and the new way of thinking becomes established. Engaging the youth with affirmations of positive goals and what sport physiologists refer to as ‘visualizing the winning outcome’ are all wrapped up in these banners and artwork. Before this event, there were contests in the local schools to produce artwork and slogans to be used on the banners. These kids hopefully will be living in a world they imagine. (There were nine different banners produced and they will hang in the nine different schools of the Point Loma School Cluster, to be viewed every day by the kids, parents, teachers and staff.)

Nicole announcing one of the nine winners for the banner competition.

Maybe in time, the 1970’s southern California “Beach Boys” car culture will give way to a healthier mobility culture that uses feet, pedals and when needed, public transit. (So much of the ‘California Dream’ is due for a wake-up call; …population growth, housing needs, water usage, waste water treatment, energy supply, transportation choices, ocean pollution, etc.) There’s work to be done!

Rolling out for the community ride through the business district and surrounding neighborhood.

OB is a charming community and the good folks there are friendly and fun. The local support is genuine and engaged. There was a lot of local support from varying groups; Andy, Judi and Stephan from the SDCBC were there to help out as was Turbo Bob and Barb. Other community reps like the Rotarians, OB Town Council peeps, and school groups as well. Thanks to SANDAG for the grant to support these efforts. Thank-you to the many local merchants and businesses that donated raffle prizes and gift cards.

Enjoying friends, family, community and enjoying freedom of transportation choices while having fun.  You’ve got to love that!

De Pijp, Amsterdam 1972