Safe Routes to School

Silvergate_01wJanuary 3rd, 2017, we welcome Point Loma Silvergate Elementary students back to school with a new flashing crosswalk! Thank-you parents, City of San Diego and community advocates!
~ Lorie Zapf


nimitz_1Mayor Kevin Faulconer (then District-2 Councilman), Michael Patton and Nicole Burgess discussing “Safe Routes to School” in October, 2012. Mayor Faulconer rode the whole route that the daily Dana Bike Train follows every day. Traffic, busy streets and lack of safe options were pointed out for potential  upgrades.


Safe Routes to School lgoNational Center for Safe Routes to School



California Safe Routes to School

The Active Transportation Resource Center (ATRC) assists California’s communities with resources, technical assistance, and training materials to implement active transportation projects.

The ATRC is funded by the California Transportation Commission as part of the Active Transportation Program (ATP), and is administered by the California Department of Transportation.



Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Walking is one of the simplest, most effective, and most affordable strategies for kids and adults to build physical activity into their lives. One mile of walking translates to 2/3 of the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day.


The benefits of walking extend beyond health. Studies show that there are links between physical activity and academic achievement, proving that active kids do better.


vzinfotopVision Zero and Safe Routes to School: Partners in Safety


SANDAG Regional Safe Routes to School Implementation

“Safe Routes to School” efforts create streets that safely accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians, coupling infrastructure improvements with education, encouragement, and other programs designed to make walking and biking safer and more desirable.

With the overarching goals of improving safety and encouraging active transportation, Safe Routes to School efforts improve health, reduce transportation costs, and decrease school-related vehicle trips, thus improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion near schools. Safe Routes to School efforts also teach children healthy lifestyle skills and heighten public awareness about the benefits of active transportation.

To further realize these benefits, the Regional Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan) proposes a blueprint for a regional strategy to make walking and bicycling to and from school safer and facilitate the development of more attractive travel choices for families throughout the region.

 San Diego Regional Safe Routes to School Strategic Plan ~ March 2012