Dana Bike Train

We meet daily at 8:10 am
at Longbranch Avenue and Guizot Street in Ocean Beach.
Come join us anytime.

Rolling along again this year  and we have more parents and families that are reaching out.

Morning Dana Bike Train on Nimitz Boulevard’s new green bike lanes.
Just entering Nimitz Boulevard and the new green bike lane.
A smaller ‘Bike Train’ today, but glad to be riding.
A sunny, warm November morning. Yes!


Leaving school in the afternoon, going down Chatsworth Boulevard with 30+ bike commuters. That’s 30+ less cars picking up students and 30+ riders getting exercise, learning independence and self reliance. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!


The Dana Middle School Bike Train
has been chugging along for many years.
Dana Bike Train 2013
Dana Bike Train 2013


Dana Bike Train 2011
Dana Bike Train 2011


Dana Bike Train 2009
Dana Bike Train 2009