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Beach Area Bike Lanes: August 2019

New, class-IV, protected cycle tracks
along West Point Loma Avenue

Photo by: @SustainMatters Thank-you City of San Diego and Mayor Kevin Faulconer for new, Class-IV, protected cycle tracks along West Point Loma Avenue. After pipe work and repaving, a substantial safety upgrade of a vital connection between Midway District homes, businesses and shopping to Point Loma and OB homes, parks, beaches and services. Bikes and beaches are a real connection made in paradise. Feel safe on your bicycle adventures and enjoy good health, clean transportation and fun, engaging explorations of our communities. Let the good times roll!
Photos by @CityofSanDiego New protected bikeways on West Point Loma Blvd will improve safety for bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers. By increasing bicycle travel, we’re lowering traffic congestion and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to help meet our Climate Action goals.


@SDMayorsOffice: That’s fresh! Fresh paint, that is… New protected bike lanes have been installed along West Point Loma Boulevard to reduce congestion, increase safety and help SD reach its Climate Action goals.


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New, buffered bike lanes
along Cass Street in Pacific Beach

Photos by @PaulaGandolfo6 New bike infrastructure along Cass Street in PB close to the US Post Office. The lanes are in and need to be finished with green paint and bike stencils. Note the addition of on-street bike/scooter painted parking corrals.


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New on-street bike & scooter
painted parking corrals.

Photos by @PaulaGandolfo6 New bike lanes and on-street bike/scooter painted parking corrals.
Photo by: @CityofSanDiego New parking corrals for bicycles and shared mobility devices are being added to streets in the communities of Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach. These corrals provide on-street parking for authorized dockless devices, keeping sidewalks safe for pedestrians.
@CityofSanDiego: City crews have been busy painting scooter corrals in the beach areas. Next time you’re taking a ride, check out this City of San Diego Scooter Corrals MAP to find the closest corral to park your scooter.
@CityofSanDiego: Whether it’s paving new streets or adding paint to existing ones, these employees are making improvements we all can appreciate in San Diego. For Employee Appreciation Month, we recognize Salvador Gracian and Misael Burgos-Verdugo who created new scooter corrals in Pacific Beach.

Rose Canyon Bike Path: July 2019

Entrance to re-located Rose Canyon bicycle path. Photos courtesy of SANDAG

Newly Relocated Rose Canyon Bike Path Opens for July 4th Holiday
Debbie L. Sklar July 4, 2019

The newly relocated and upgraded Rose Canyon Bike Path opened to the public on Wednesday afternoon, in time for the July 4th holiday.

Relocating and upgrading the Rose Canyon Bike Path was necessary to support construction of the Mid-Coast Trolley, to allow space for two new light rail tracks for the future Trolley and a second heavy rail track for the passenger and freight trains that run through the canyon. When the Trolley opens in late 2021, this complete corridor will provide San Diegans with efficient multi-modal transportation choices.

The approximately one-and-a-half mile stretch of upgraded bike path runs along Interstate 5 (I-5) from the northernmost point of Santa Fe Street to Gilman Drive/La Jolla Colony Drive and will be used by more than 400 bicyclists daily.
The approximately one-and-a-half mile stretch of upgraded bike path runs along Interstate 5 (I-5) from the northernmost point of Santa Fe Street to Gilman Drive/La Jolla Colony Drive and will be used by more than 400 bicyclists daily.

The new bike path features 2,100 tons of new asphalt pavement and more than 7,000 feet of new fencing and guardrail. Additional upgrades include striped lanes, underground utilities, and landscaping. Storm drainage has also been improved to prevent future flooding in this area, something that previously impacted cyclists and pedestrians traveling through Rose Canyon.

A 1,000-foot section of the new bike path, near Gilman Drive/La Jolla Colony Drive, will remain unfinished while crews complete construction of the Mid-Coast Trolley underpass. This section is anticipated to open in early 2020.

EDIT: (December 13, 2019) The realigned Rose Canyon Bike Path is now open! MCTC crews completed paving the final section of the path this afternoon. Thank you for your patience during construction!

Rolling like a boss on the new surface of the updated Rose Canyon Bikeway!

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MidCoastAlert: This summer, two sections of the Rose Canyon Bike Path will be relocated to the newly constructed permanent bike path. Please watch for signs.

Permanent Realignment of Rose Canyon Bike Path: In summer 2019, two sections of the Rose Canyon Bike Path will be relocated to the newly constructed permanent bike path. A portion of the temporary bike path that is now located on the shoulder of Interstate 5 will move to the newly constructed path by Monday, June 17, 2019. A second portion of the temporary bike path, now located along I-5 from north of Santa Fe Street to just north of SR-52, will move to the newly constructed path by Wednesday, July 3, 2019. Signs will be posted directing cyclists to the new permanent bike path. Please use caution when traveling near the work zone.


MidCoastAlert: In the past few weeks, parking has been removed along the east side of Santa Fe St., from 5965 to 5097 Santa Fe St., for Rose Creek Bikeway construction. Please watch for parking removal signage.

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Rose Creek Bikeway Project: July 2019 Newsletter

Rose Creek Bikeway Project:  2018 Year in Review

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A paved section of the new bikeway at the Mission Bay Drive underpass, which shows the significant construction progress that has been made. Photo:

New underpass and bridge move Rose Creek Bikeway closer to 2020 completion
Dave Schwab July 24, 2019

The Rose Creek Bikeway is more than 50 percent complete and is anticipated to open to the public by mid-2020, and the bicycling community couldn’t be more pleased.

It’s an important connection for both commuters and recreational bicyclists that will be a separated Class I bike path that connects existing sections of the Rose Canyon and Rose Creek bike paths in the City of San Diego,” said Andy Hanshaw, executive director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition.

“The Rose Creek Bikeway provides connectivity and accessibility for non-car centric mobility options,” said Kristin Victor, who’s helping create an EcoDistrict in Pacific Beach.

The Friends of Rose Creek is thrilled to see the amazing progress on the Rose Creek Bikeway and look forward to the grand opening when the community will gain access to new areas of Rose Creek,” said Karin Zirk of Friends of Rose Creek.

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With the mid-coast trolley line currently under construction, the Rose Creek Bikeway will also be an important connector to those wishing to access the trolley from Pacific Beach, UTC, Sorrento Valley and UC San Diego areas,” Hanshaw said.

It’s an exciting time to see implementation taking place for long-planned bikeways designed to give safe, connected networks for folks to choose to bicycle more to get to/from work and to move around the region. We look forward to more projects coming on line in the next few years, and know that this will result in increased ridership, safer streets and healthier communities,” Hanshaw said.

Crews installing a new curb along the west side of Santa Fe Street.

Victor noted creation of the Rose Creek Bikeway gives coastal communities more transportation options. “It gives the opportunity to create prosperity with the integration of safe parkland,  bicycle and pedestrian pathways along the creek supporting the equity, resilience and climate protection imperatives of the Pacific Beach EcoDistrict and connectivity to the future Pacific Beach/Balboa Area Transit station,” she said.

Zirk noted Rose Creek Bikeway could be a catalyst for better things to come. “We hope, as more members of the community have the opportunity to ride a bike path along the creek, they will advocate for Rose Creek now and in the future to maintain this amazing wetland in the middle of San Diego,” she said.