Bike Walk San Diego District 2 hopes to create a more pedestrian friendly city that provides safe, comfortable walking facilities so all people can enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. As our city grows and becomes more densely populated, proper, functional facilities need to be robust, safe and utilitarian for all users.

Our Goals:

  • Improve the “Quality of Life” in Our Communities
  • Promote Healthy, Walkable Communities
  • Create Safety for All Ages and Abilities
  • Focus on Youth Safety around Schools, Parks and Neighborhoods
  • Provide Safe Access to Beaches, Bays and Parks
  • Support Vision Zero
  • Promote Local Economic Activity with Safe Business Districts
  • Encourage Design of “Complete Streets



January 3rd, 2017, we welcome Point Loma Silver Gate Elementary students back to school with a new flashing crosswalk! Thank-you parents, City of San Diego and community advocates! (sdnews.com story)

~ Lorie Zapf



On January 27th, 2017: City of San Diego Council District 2 office staff in Point Loma & Ocean Beach reporting over 50 pothole and sidewalk issues on major streets.

~ Conrad Wear