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Locals know where to go for flats: Bernie’s Bicycle Shop an institution in Ocean Beach
Dave Schwab – 08/16/17
Peninsula residents working to improve Voltaire Corridor

DAVE SCHWAB 07/22/17
Beyond bicycles
by Dave Rice Feb. 6, 2017 ~
One-on-One with Nicole Burgess
by Lisa Deaderick Jan 28, 2017 ~
Mission Beach boardwalk project earns award 01/24/17
Local leaders look ahead at what will affect Ocean Beach and Point Loma in 2017
by DAVE SCHWAB Jan 05, 2017 ~


Peninsula Beacon’s 2016 Year in Review: Pier turns 50, plane routes, school stadium lights and dead parrots
by Dave Schwab  Dec 31, 2016 ~
Ocean Beach, Point Loma residents honored as hometown heroes
by Dave Schwab  Nov 13, 2016 ~
Heartbroken over a stolen bike? Tips to protect your bike
by Dave Schwab  Oct 25, 2016 ~
Ocean Beach, Point Loma community heroes to be honored
by Dave Schwab  Oct 25, 2016 ~
Peninsula group approves bike lanes for Wabaska
by Dave Schwab  Sept 29, 2016 ~
Turning Wabaska into a safe route to school; Voltaire Bridge to receive improvements
by Dave Schwab  Aug 16. 2016 ~
Peninsula Planning Board elects Romanian millennial
by Dave Schwab April 28, 2016 ~
Forum yields long wish list among 14 PCPB candidates
by Dave Schwab  March 14, 2016 ~
Reducing Wabaska Drive part of Safe Route to Schools plan
by Dave Schwab  March 01, 2016 ~
eBike expo, featuring pedal power assists, set for Feb. 26-28 at Liberty Station
by Dave Schwab  Feb 22, 2016 ~


Wheels keep on turning for District 2 cycling advocate Nicole Burgess
by Dave Schwab  Aug 24, 2015 ~
Peninsula planning discusses pocket park, billboard issues
by Dave Schwab  July 24, 2015 ~
Roll into the Bike Fiesta in Ocean Beach on June 13
by Dave Schwab  June 12, 2015 ~
City plans to upgrade unsafe crosswalk at Catalina/Canon in Point Loma
by Dave Schwab  May 22, 2015 ~
More bikeways or more highways?
Dave Rice May 16, 2015 ~


Quick Hits
Aug 13, 2014 ~
Planners hear bike-share update, field concerns over ‘granny flat’
by Dave Schwab ~
Bikeshare program peddles ahead; stations ID’d in OB/Point Loma
by Dave Schwab ~
Planners balk at Navy’s jet-fuel pipeline project along Rosecrans
by Dave Schwab ~
Ocean Beach hosts visit by David Alvarez
Tony de Garate January 31, 2014
Western Division’s new captain hasn’t lacked for excitement, challenges in early going
by Tony de Garate ~
Apartment-to-condo conversion project meets with resistance
by Dave Schwab ~
Activists, community leaders espouse visions for 2014
by Dave Schwab ~


Ocean Beach talks about the next 30 years
Mercy Baron November 14, 2013 ~
People in the News
Oct 18, 2013 ~
Planners hear update on Liberty Station’s ‘surplus’ parcels
Oct 02, 2013 ~
School crosswalk boo-boo by city may be corrected
by Tony de Garate Sept 18, 2013 ~
Residents chime in on wish list for OB’s future
by Tony de Garate ~
Peninsula stop-sign issue to come to head for planners
by Tony De Garate ~
Quick Hits
May 01, 2013 ~
Bike advocate gears up for a new year of road-sharing efforts in Ocean Beach
Jan 09, 2013 ~


New bike lane on Nimitz in Ocean Beach
by Chad Deal, December 26, 2012 ~
News in brief
April 04, 2012 ~
Buying a new bike? Buy local
by NICOLE BURGESS Dec 21, 2010 ~