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City creates mobility board to focus on safer and cleaner transportation goals
Dave Schwab December 12, 2018
City, residents discussing plans to improve mobility in Pacific Beach
Dave Schwab September 19, 2018
Proposed bike lane on West Point Loma Avenue causes controversy
Dave Schwab September 13, 2018
Point Loma has three extremely dangerous intersections for bicyclists
Dave Schwab September 12, 2018
City sets 8 PB sites as priorities in Bicycle Master Plan project for Pacific Beach/San Diego
Steven Mihailovich September 07, 2018
News and community briefs for Pacific Beach and Mission Beach
July 26, 2018
SD City Council Approves Bicycle Master Plan’s Implementation
Alexander Nguyen July 23, 2018
State Council Awards $30 Million for SD Transportation Infrastructure Projects
Debbie L. Sklar June 28, 2018 ~
San Diego City Council Approves Bike Implementation Plan
City News Service June 21, 2018 ~
Study shows most dangerous spots for bicyclists are Pacific Beach, downtown, Rosecrans Street, Escondido
David Garrick June21, 2018
Protected Bike Path With Parking on West Pt Loma Supported by Ocean Beach Planners
Frank Gormlie June 11, 2018 ~
After Public Shaming, SANDAG Has More Bike Project Delays
Andrew Bowen May 24, 2018 ~
Zapf moves to ban motorized scooters from boardwalk
Dave Schwab May 11, 2018 ~
Opinion: Heartbroken over a stolen bike; bait bike program a positive step
Nicole Burgess April 25, 2018 ~
City closes Point Loma bike track due to liability issues
Dave Schwab April 09, 2018 ~
Mayor Faulconer Nixes 2019 Deadline For Downtown Bike Network
Andrew Bowen April 05, 2018 ~
Higher Costs, Delays Threaten Downtown San Diego Bike Network
Andrew Bowen March 13, 2018 ~
City breaks ground for new Rose Creek Bikeway
Dave Schwab February 07, 2018 ~
Rose Creek Bikeway breaks ground as part of $200 million campaign
Joshua Emerson Smith February 02, 2018 ~
Bike path extension started at Rose Creek
John Gibbins February 02, 2018 ~
O.B. school crossing guard all business
Delinda Lombardo January 05, 2018 ~


San Diego says it’s ahead of schedule on 1,000 miles of street paving
David Garrick November 6, 2017 ~
Where are San Diego County’s most dangerous intersections for pedestrians?
Joshua Emerson Smith December 2, 2017 ~
San Diego’s top 20 most dangerous intersections for pedestrians
Joshua Emerson Smith December 2, 2017 ~
City moves ahead with $140-million replacement of West Mission Bay Drive bridge
Morgan Cook November 21, 2017 ~
Set a speed limit for riding bikes on the sidewalk
U-T Letter writers October 18, 2017 ~
Local laws vary widely on controversial sidewalk bicycling
David Garrick October13, 2017 ~
City to pay $12.5M to family whose child was killed at dangerous crosswalk in Point Loma
September 19, 2017 ~
UberEats adds bike couriers in San Diego to speed up deliveries
Jennifer Van Grove September 18, 2017 ~
Many beach stations scratched from San Diego’s struggling bike share network
David Garrick September 6, 2017 ~
Locals know where to go for flats: Bernie’s Bicycle Shop an institution in Ocean Beach
Dave Schwab  August 16, 2017~
Peninsula residents working to improve Voltaire Corridor

Dave Schwab July 22, 2017 ~
City approves funding for roundabouts in Pacific Beach
Dave Schwab June 4, 2017 ~
Letter to editor: Paint our streets for safety, comfort, and visibility
Nicole Burgess February 28, 2017 ~
La Jolla Merchants Association discuss Girard Avenue crosswalk enhancement
Dave Schwab February 24, 2017 ~
Pacific Beach has No. 3 most dangerous intersection in San Diego
Dave Schwab  February 7, 2017 ~
Beyond bicycles
Dave Rice February 6, 2017 ~
Pedestrian safety enforcement/education detail in San Diego on Jan. 31
January 31, 2017 ~
One-on-One with Nicole Burgess
Lisa Deaderick January 28, 2017 ~
Mission Beach boardwalk project earns award January 24 2017
Local leaders look ahead at what will affect Ocean Beach and Point Loma in 2017
Dave Schwab Jan 05, 2017 ~
Safety first for Silver Gate students in Point Loma
January 3, 2017 ~


Peninsula Beacon’s 2016 Year in Review: Pier turns 50, plane routes, school stadium lights and dead parrots
Dave Schwab  Dec 31, 2016 ~
Ocean Beach, Point Loma residents honored as hometown heroes
Dave Schwab  Nov 13, 2016 ~
Heartbroken over a stolen bike? Tips to protect your bike
Dave Schwab  Oct 25, 2016 ~
Ocean Beach, Point Loma community heroes to be honored
Dave Schwab  Oct 25, 2016 ~
Peninsula group approves bike lanes for Wabaska
Dave Schwab  Sept 29, 2016 ~
Turning Wabaska into a safe route to school; Voltaire Bridge to receive improvements
Dave Schwab  Aug 16. 2016 ~
BikeSD Endorses Kevin Faulconer for Mayor June 03, 2016
Peninsula Planning Board elects Romanian millennial
Dave Schwab April 28, 2016 ~
Forum yields long wish list among 14 PCPB candidates
Dave Schwab  March 14, 2016 ~
Reducing Wabaska Drive part of Safe Route to Schools plan
Dave Schwab  March 01, 2016 ~
eBike expo, featuring pedal power assists, set for Feb. 26-28 at Liberty Station
Dave Schwab  Feb 22, 2016 ~


Wheels keep on turning for District 2 cycling advocate Nicole Burgess
Dave Schwab  Aug 24, 2015 ~
Peninsula planning discusses pocket park, billboard issues
Dave Schwab  July 24, 2015 ~
Roll into the Bike Fiesta in Ocean Beach on June 13
Dave Schwab  June 12, 2015 ~
City plans to upgrade unsafe crosswalk at Catalina/Canon in Point Loma
Dave Schwab  May 22, 2015 ~
More bikeways or more highways?
Dave Rice May 16, 2015 ~
Mayor Kevin Faulconer: I want San Diego to be considered one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. May 06, 2015
Mayor Kevin Faulconer: “We are going to fix our streets”
San Ollinger January 19, 2015


Quick Hits
Aug 13, 2014 ~
Planners hear bike-share update, field concerns over ‘granny flat’
Dave Schwab ~
Bikeshare program peddles ahead; stations ID’d in OB/Point Loma
Dave Schwab ~
Planners balk at Navy’s jet-fuel pipeline project along Rosecrans
Dave Schwab ~
Ocean Beach hosts visit by David Alvarez
Tony de Garate January 31, 2014 ~
Western Division’s new captain hasn’t lacked for excitement, challenges in early going
by Tony de Garate ~
Apartment-to-condo conversion project meets with resistance
by Dave Schwab ~
Activists, community leaders espouse visions for 2014
by Dave Schwab ~


Ocean Beach talks about the next 30 years
Mercy Baron November 14, 2013 ~
People in the News
Oct 18, 2013 ~
Planners hear update on Liberty Station’s ‘surplus’ parcels
Oct 02, 2013 ~
School crosswalk boo-boo by city may be corrected
Tony de Garate Sept 18, 2013 ~
Residents chime in on wish list for OB’s future
Tony de Garate ~
Peninsula stop-sign issue to come to head for planners
Tony De Garate ~
Quick Hits
May 01, 2013 ~
Bike advocate gears up for a new year of road-sharing efforts in Ocean Beach
Jan 09, 2013 ~


New bike lane on Nimitz in Ocean Beach
by Chad Deal, December 26, 2012 ~
Councilmember Kevin Faulconer Rides to Learn About District Two Bike Issues October 20, 2012
News in brief
April 04, 2012 ~
Buying a new bike? Buy local
by Nicole Burgess Dec 21, 2010 ~