Climate Ride


Finished another amazing experience with @ClimateRide. Riding, exploring, and learning through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia. Thank you all for supporting my ride and this awesome organization.

Climate Ride Adriatic 2019

September 1st, 2019 ~ September 8th, 2019

I am super excited to participate in my fourth Climate Ride, specifically raising funds for this awesome organization, Climate Ride. This group is amazing and inspires me to keep riding and I couldn’t resist this one.   I am proud to support this organization as they support myself and so many others to be challenged to continue the fight for a healthy future.  It is a challenge to ask for money, but the money goes to great efforts, locally and nationally.  I appreciate all the other riders and all my donors for supporting these efforts, as they do make a difference. (See the Ride Report here.)

If you are a fan of better bike infrastructure, please consider donating to my Climate Ride. My fundraising deadline is quickly approaching so your support is appreciated.

Keep riding, flying, and believing.

Your bike friend,

~ Nicole




“The mode of transportation you choose has a greater effect on the environment
than any other decision you make as a consumer.”
     ~ Union of Concerned Scientists ~