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Mission Boulevard Public Spaces and Active Transportation Plan

The Mission Boulevard Public Spaces and Active Transportation plan is a SANDAG grant funded effort led by the City of San Diego.The plan seeks to identify opportunities for public spaces, bicycle and pedestrian improvements in the area bounded by Mission Boulevard, Pacific Beach Drive, Diamond Street, and the boardwalk.

Engage the community to create a vision for the area by identifying opportunities for:

  • Multi-modal improvements – walking, bicycling, transit access – that enhance
    community character and access to the beach
  • Additional community spaces
  • Strategic investment in high priority projects
  • Consistent with the regulatory framework

On September 13, the City of San Diego Planning Department held a Community Workshop at the Pacific Beach/Taylor Library (4275 Cass Street, San Diego, CA 92109) from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. This document contains the exhibits that were shown at the Community Workshop and it also contains the questions that attendees were asked.

After reviewing and considering community input received on these draft concepts, City staff and consultant teams will work on refining concepts, which will be presented at a later date at our Community Workshop #2 (date, time, and place to be confirmed).

Please visit our website for additional information, such as full schedule, grant application, as well as details about future events (as information becomes available).

Project Document

Green Christmas 2017

Opportunity to Redesign for Safety

Asked @CityofSanDiego to implement NACTO paint treatments through the intersection per community’s request for safer streets on West Point Loma Boulevard.

NACTO paint treatments

Implemented green paint markings, through a difficult intersection on West Point Loma Boulevard, provide awareness for drivers and guidance for cyclists. Yield to “Bikes in the Green”.

Thank you City of San Diego

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer set a goal of paving thousand miles of street over a five-year period. As of date in less than half that time and starting with the street that need it the most, the city has paved 655 miles. (Nelvin C. Cepeda / San Diego Union-Tribune)

San Diego says it’s ahead of schedule on 1,000 miles of street paving

David Garrick –  November 6th, 2017

San Diego’s aggressive campaign to upgrade its crumbling streets is ahead of pace and continuing to accelerate, officials said Monday.

A plan to fix 1,000 miles of San Diego streets within five years has nearly reached the two-thirds mark early in its third year, putting the city on pace for paving 1,500 miles in five years instead.

“We’re going to blow right past that 1,000 and keep doing it,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Monday morning while observing a paving crew in Pacific Beach. “We have to keep going because so many streets need it.”


There are still a lot of opportunities to make our streets and roads safer. The recently resurfaced Rosecrans Street is a good example of where we can significantly improve bike, transit and pedestrian safety with thoughtful application of NACTO standard road markings.

Riding from the Old Town Transit Center, south on Rosecrans Street, toward Sports Arena Blvd, Midway Drive and onto Liberty Station. This vital link to Point Loma is used by many bike commuters. Buffered bike lanes would help protect bicyclist from high speed traffic.


Frightening to find yourself in the middle of large intersection when light turns yellow/red. Turning onto Rosecrans St near Midway Drive intersection can be a super scary moment for children and adults alike.


Getting from downtown through Liberty Station via Laning Road. Robust bicycle infrastructure is needed to keep the many Point Loma bike commuters safe on busy Rosecrans Street.