Balboa Station Mobility Hub

Last call for input on Balboa-Pacific Beach trolley station:
Planning board reviews SANDAG’s mobility proposals

Linda Hutchison
June 6, 2019

Marisa Mangan, SANDAG regional planner, is asking for public input by Aug. 1 on mobility hub planning for the Balboa-Pacific Beach trolley station. Based on community response and City planning analysis, SANDAG has prepared a conceptual plan for review — especially for the affected communities of Pacific Beach and Clairemont.

The mobility hub plan includes 16 proposed strategies for making travel easier to and from the station. These include: enhanced transit waiting areas; real-time travel information (mobile apps, kiosks); walkways; crossings; bikeways along Garnet, Balboa and Grand; bikeways on Morena; micromobility services (drop zones for dockless bikes and e-scooters); micromobility parking; dedicated transit lines; transit signal priority (making it easier for transit to enter and exit station); moped scooter-share; car-share parking spaces; microtransit (on-demand shuttle service); neighborhood electric vehicles; electric vehicle charging; and smart parking (reservations, priority for carpoolers).

The group agreed to schedule a meeting to discuss the mobility hub ideas and to draft and send a follow-up letter. To learn more about the project, visit

For More Information:

Please contact Marisa Mangan, SANDAG Associate Regional Planner,
at (619) 595-5614 or